Election Results – Clermont County, Ohio

Archived Results

11/06/2018 – General Election Certified November 26, 2018
Amended Official Canvass Summary
Amended Official Canvass Summary with Groups
Amended Official Canvass by Precinct
Amended Official Canvass by Precinct with Groups
Amended Numbered Key Canvass Voter Turnout

05/08/2018 – Primary Election Certified May 25, 2018
Official Canvass Summary
Official Canvass Summary with Groups
Official Canvass by Precint
Official Canvass by Precint with groups
Official Numbered Key Canvass
Write-In Candidates Tally

11/07/2017 – Certified Results
05/02/2017 – Certified Results
Certified Results
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